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I’m still collecting beanie babies, baby onesies & kids shirts for Honduras.  Let me know if you want to donate.

Also, my little sis from Ferguson (who is now in Virginia) had some good thoughts today on plugging in and recharging (see below).

If we get enough snow, I’m gonna have to get out my sled for at least one run.  Even if it’s just in my own back yard.  I bought it 2 years ago & haven’t used it yet.  Maybe there really is something to that global warming theory…

Monday, March 20, 2006

Casting Crowns, Refueling, etc

Miniature Sermon #1:

I was in church Sunday and our chaplain’s sermon was on the importance of refueling.  I have been thinking about the importance of refueling, or for the purposes here, recharging because it has been rather applicable to my needlessly-busy-life recently.  I have a charger for my computer, for my camera, for my Palm, if I had a cell phone or iPod I would have a recharger for those.  Heck, my toothbrush has a charger.  All this to say two (maybe three) things:

1.) all these things, which serve a single purpose in our lives (actually two if you include to clutter) need to be recharged if they are going to be useful.  You and I need that recharging of our faith and of our minds if they are going to be useful to the User also.  I dont want to be the cell phone God shoves in His junk drawer because He cant use it.  And just think about how much more complicated our lives are than my toothbrush.  How much more do you and I need to be recharged everyday?

2.)  much like all of the hardware that I just mentioned, our faith and the recharger are packaged together.  One doesnt come, or work, without the other.  Our faith comes packaged with two rechargers (I like to think of it as the one that plugs into the wall and the one that recharges on battery power.)  We plug into the “wall” through God’s Word.  We plug in battery style through our local congregation and the family that we married into when we accepted Christ.  Both are SO essential to our usefulness as Christians.  Without them we are like a cellphone with a dead battery- good only for weighing other things down.

3.) not having a cell phone, I often giggle at people’s obsessions with charging their phones EVERY night and the kind-of-silly, disproportionately large role these chargers play in our lives.  I can say for myself that when I went on Spring Break last week, it was ridiculous how many cords I brought along with me.  My prayer for myself is that my Bible and my Christ-centered relationships will play an equally large role in my life.  That I will be as dependent on recharging my life as I am my camera.

This is really a redundant message for most Christians, I think.  But its kind of a fresh way to look at it.

Mini-Sermon #1.5

Right now, I recommend that you put in your Casting Crowns CD/ type Casting into your iTunes search for two reasons:

a.)  its just good music with great messages- even if you have heard the music 1 zillion times.

b.) it reminds me of a really good, really God time in our church body.  It makes me feel all mushy inside and inspires me to continue the habits and relationships I gained during that stage of the life of our church.

There is a mini-message #3 (2?) about church-planting, and the life of a church congregation rolling around in my head also.  Something about a tree.  Maybe it will form and end up here.  Or maybe there is a special guy (read: husband) out there that will use it as a sermon one day (ooh, thats an exciting thought…)  I think I will hang my hat up there for a while.

Love you guys!

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2 thoughts on “Recharging”

  1. The verses you mentioned are 2Cor 2:14 and 15 which I had never read before.  Thanks for pointing them out, its really good stuff.  What would be the best way for me to get some beanie babies from STL to you? 

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