Hello from Honduras!!!  We´re chillin in an Internet Cafe, checking email, making phonecalls, and I just couldn´t resist making an entry.  Do I need some intervention?  Things are going really well here.  Every one is healthy, happy, and working hard.  It´s hotter than heck here, wish we could share some of it with you all in Missouri.  We´ve done a lot of awesome things, met a lot of awesome people, and seen some things we´d never seen before.  We´ve already taken over 500 photos, so you will all get a chance to see what we´ve seen.  Keep praying for God to use us here, and that he´ll keep us strong and energetic in spite of the heat.  Thanks for your prayers, I can´t wait to share everything that has happened here.  I´ll be back on April 2.