The weekend was very busy, and not just a little stressful.  But everything fell into place with just a few mishaps, and no big disasters.

The dance on Saturday was incredible.  We really worked this dance and put every bit of brain power & creativity into it so that every aspect communicated our message.  The theme was about deliverance & redemption, in honor of the Kairos team and their purpose in going to LA.  Even with a few last-minute injuries & the challenge of a very full stage, we really went full-out during the service, and I feel like we bared our souls like never before.  There were some technical difficulties & a few rough edges as far as choreography goes, but I think the congregation responded well and really understood our message.  And they didn’t seem weirded out by our bondage, which is a good thing.

Sunday, I spent the morning cooking for Kate’s bridal shower.  It was my first attempt at a layer cake (3 layers!) and I think I was in almost over my head, but not quite.  The cake had pockets of hot fudge inside, which proved a challenge when removing the layers from the pans & stacking them.  But the end result, as I’ve been told, was very tasty, and I had not a crumb left over after the shower.  My strawberry heaven punch was also a success, and will probably make repeat performances in the future.  The chocolate fudge cake will probably be reincarnated as a sheet cake.

Now, the real story of the weekend was how my incredible young man handled his fiancee’s killer weekend.  I was stressed out, a little sick, PMSed, and overly emotional all weekend.  Everything I did this weekend required a lot of preparation, and I was struggling to get all the details in place.  Aaron was my knight in shining armor on multiple occaisions.  Helping me with laundry, helping me plan out a schedule to get everything done on time, going with me to the mall & to walmart.  Going to several stores for me to search for punch bowls.  Going back to walmart for a cake box.  Rescuing me when I had my hands full of cake batter & needed a spatula from the drawer.  Being my pack horse when I had too much stuff to carry.  Entertaining my family while I was getting ready for dance.  Kissing my broken toe.  Drying my tears.  And just being there every minute I needed him.  I wanted to publicly express my thanks, because everyone needs to know that my man rocks.