I have had quite a busy week.  After last weekend’s marathon of events, I spent nearly every free moment this week packing, moving stuff and unpacking.  It was kind of interesting that Aaron & I fell into specific roles for moving.  I packed boxes.  He moved boxes.  I unpacked boxes & found places for things to go.  So I ended up not feeling too guilty about not actually carrying things to & from cars.  I usually tend to whine a lot when I have to carry heavy stuff.  So finding a niche in the moving process really helped me a lot.  AND I got to make sure things went where I wanted them to go.  Especially in the kitchen, which is something I’m kind of picky about.

Citadel is really starting to look & feel like a home now.  And not just Aaron’s home, OUR home.  It definitely has a different personality than Aaron’s last place, and it’s totally different than any of my places.  It helps that we each have our own bathroom & closet.  So even though I don’t have all of my stuff there yet, there’s a place for me. It’s a nice, comforting feeling. It really is ours. 

When we brought the cats over, Aaron said “Look, our whole family is here!”  After they settled down from exploring, we all kind of went about our business, watching TV, doing some laundry, checking email, the cats each found places to lounge, and they wandered by from time to time for petting & to see what was going on.  And I realized, this is how it’s going to be from now on… and then after the wedding, I won’t have to go home at night.  We’ll all be together.  It feels so good.  So safe.

Sorry to keep doing these semi-sappy posts.  It’s just that these are the things that are occupying my thoughts right now, so I’m going to say them.  I know people tend to get tired of sappy posts pretty quick.  So if you don’t read my stuff as often as you used to, I don’t blame you.  But I’ve never been one to mold my blog around those who read & comment.  So I won’t start now.