What a long, exhausting, frustrating week.  The last three weeks have really pushed me to the limits physically & emotionally.  Until today, I haven’t had a day to just completely relax and do nothing for probably 10 days.  I spent nearly every lunch break from work over at Aaron’s old apartment, packing, organizing & cleaning, so that when he got off work he could start moving boxes immediately.  Then when I’d get off work, I’d join him & either pack & clean, or unpack & organize at the new place.  There were a few days that we only moved one carload, and were supposed to spend the rest of the evening chillin, but it rarely turned out that way.  And with us both very tired, and very stressed from the pressure to get things done, there were days that we didn’t really want to talk… days we whined… days we fought.  We never had energy to play or even make out at all.  How sad is that?

Praise God, we are done with Broadway Village!  Aaron turned over his keys yesterday.  And today, we made out like wild animals.  Well… not quite.  But we were able to just enjoy each other’s company all day, with no pressure to get anything done.

Yesterday, I went to David’s Bridal with my mom to try on different styles of dresses.  It was fun, and I felt very pretty.  But I didn’t find anything that rocked my face off.  What’s with all the lacey, pouffy, glittery stuff on everything?  I definitely don’t want to look like an iced cupcake.

When is the weather going to realize that it’s the middle of May?  My container garden looks pathetic.  I probably won’t get anything blooming until July 😦   And I really want to be outdoors, riding my bike, skateboarding, rollerblading, playing at the park… anything!  But it’s too cold for any of that to be much fun.   And rainy weather always makes my head hurt.  Ugh.

But… Aaron’s kissing me right now, so none of that matters 😀