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a two-part story

This is a two-part story about my cousin, Emily, and her husband, Dwayne.


I got this email from Em on May 5:

Dwayne and I are in the process of adopting. We finished a series of classes with the state of MO at Easter, and our homestudy is been finished up next week. We will then meet with our actual adoption worker and look at children currently in the system to see which we may be interested in.

After that it could be anytime through forever (but probably more like 4 mo – 1 yr) before we find out about an available child and get selected. It is a really involved process, with mountains of paperwork and you get to tell lots of complete strangers everything you never wanted them to know!

So, we are very excited, very anxious, very terrified and are looking for lots of prayers! A room full of strangers picking out your child for you requires a lot of trust and faith as does bringing together strangers into a family.

So, please pray for us, for the people making these decisions and for our child who is probably living in a scary/unstable place right now.



And then today, I got this email:

Well…as some of you may know and some of you may not, our lives changed last night in the biggest way possible. We are now parents of a beautiful, wonderful and very miraculous little girl, Rose.

As everyone knows, we’ve been expecting a 4 – 12 year old sometime in the vague, undefined future, a child we will have a month or two to plan for, meet with and prepare for. And then, last night about 4:30 pm, God called. As Melissa said today, she preaches about listening to God, but most of the time He doesn’t call people on the phone, but He called us!

We went to the hospital last night and spent several hours with her and were at the hospital today most of the day. She was born 5/18/06 at 32 weeks. Right now she weighs 4 lb. 6 oz (up from 2 lb 15 oz!), and is happy, healthy and pretty sleepy :)!

Right now we are fostering her, but her current plan is for adoption, there aren’t any people in her birth family right now who look like good candidates. There is of course always the chance that some relative will make a turnaround, but we just have to pray that the right thing happens for her.

We can’t think of any reason the State called us about her, there have to be oodles of other very qualified families out there who would want and are requesting newborns (unlike us who thought, What do we know about babies? We should get a child who can talk to us, so we know what to do!), so clearly God must have choosen us for a reason only He knows!

So, the current plan is for her to come home with us on Tuesday, assuming she is doing well. We were both pretty intimidated by that prospect last night, we thought, “they are really going to send this baby home with us Tuesday?! With no monitors, no supervision?! But today we are feeling much more confident and are starting to wish we could bring her home sooner!

Meanwhile, we have family and friends scrambling for baby supplies for us that most people have 9 months (not 5 days!) to accumulate! It never occured to us that we might get a baby and so we have absolutely nothing yet! Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow to bring us some things and then we’ll go from there!

So, please pray for all of us (frequently:) and I hope you can meet her soon!






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