The holiday weekend was fun, productive & interesting.  Mine was slightly interrupted by having to work on Monday, but I managed to forget about that by about 5:30 on Monday evening :-).

Aaron got a chance to skateboard a bit, at a few places he’s been eyeing for awhile.  And I got to watch, which is always a huge treat for me.  Even though he doesn’t skate much anymore, he still has a bond with his board that transcends age or lack of practice.  Watching him skate is like poetry.  And I don’t say that just cuz I think he’s the cutest guy ever.  He really does have a flow when he’s skating that is very fun to watch.

We also walked around at Rockbridge & got a peek at the crushed section of the boardwalk.  Hopefully they get that back up soon.  It’s kind of cool, though, to think that the whole natural process that formed the bridge in the first place is still going on – ever so slowly.  And in 100 years, it will probably look totally different than it does now.

We also had a spontaneous lunch at Chili’s.  Amazing.  A spontaneous lunch at a casual dining restaurant.  Not something you’d expect from us.  And we were rewarded for our spontaneity.   There was no wait, the place was not at all busy, our server was pleasant & brought us refills before we even finished our drinks.  And the food rocked!  I had a Black Bean Burger, which is a vegetarian burger (kinda spicy, very yummy) and steamed veggies with real parmesan cheese.  Uh HUH!

We also watched “Airplane!”.  I still don’t really understand why it’s supposed to be so funny.  There are some quoteable lines, but not that many, and it’s just kind of “eh,” you know?  My parents think it’s hilarious & they always tried to get me to watch it as a kid.  I always got bored & left.  And I don’t think my opinion has changed much.  Maybe I need to watch it with different people?  Or when I’m really tired & kind of giddy?  Or maybe it’s the kind of movie that requires chemical mood alteration in order to be fully enjoyed.  I just don’t know.