My annual soapbox moment on sunscreen:

Many people nowadays know the sun-skin basics — wear SPF 30 sunscreen if you’ll be in the sun for more than 20 minutes; reapply after you swim or sweat or every 2 hours even if the sunscreen is water resistant; wear hats and even high-tech clothing, or at least tight weaves, that shield more sunlight.

Like most things, moderation is wise. The sun should only be enjoyed in small doses in order to minimize exposure to UV radiation, which plays a part in basal carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma and melanoma.

A lot of people remain ignorant of the sun-skin details. For instance, sunscreen should be applied before you go outside so your skin absorbs the product and activates the SPF chemistry.

SPF 30, not 15, has become the recommended minimum.

Dermatologist Christopher Harmon, who practices in Birmingham, Ala., recommends you find sunscreen with zinc, titanium dioxide, avobenzone and/or Helioplex as the active ingredients. These are especially effective sun blocks.

Many people treat sunscreen like a precious commodity, smearing on the thinnest layer after arriving at the beach.  A shot-glass-full is the right amount for each full-body application.

– From FoxNews