Well… the weekend is about to begin.  It’ll be a tough one.  I don’t really handle the whole funeral thing well.  Not that anyone really likes them.  But I find it especially difficult to be in a room with so much sadness.  I tend to absorb the mood of a room, no matter where I am.  If most of the people in a room are stressed, I absorb the stress, even if I don’t know what the stress is about.  So funerals really really drain me emotionally.  I can have my own emotions under control, but when confronted with a room full of grieving people, it’s much much harder to handle.  I either break down, or I shut down.  I don’t really find the closure that people talk about feeling after a funeral.  But I go anyway.  Why?  I guess to support my friends.  And I guess, as much as I hate it, I have to go and feel it.  I have to walk into that sad room and soak up the grief.  At least then, I know I’ve felt something.