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The weekend was exhausting.  But I guess if there was one word to use to summarize the whole experience, it would be “community.”  Maybe that sounds cliche.  I think we do tend to over-use that word at the Rock… but only because it’s so absolutely essential.  When I look back on the weekend, I see snapshots of community…

  • Kelly, Michal, Jessica & I holding hands as we walk past the casket.  Tyler’s parents greet us like old friends and say “You must be from the Rock… you just have that look.”
  • Rock people from Columbia, Colorado & California all descending on Flatbranch after the visitation.  We scrunch around tables.  We pour out our hearts to each other.
  • Watching on Saturday as people keep pouring out of the funeral home after the funeral, and realizing that there are probably 100 Rock people there.  They gather in little groups, reluctant to leave, no one wants to go separate ways even for a moment.
  • Story after story of moments from Tyler’s life… each story is one of community, his life shared by so many.

Maybe some of you saw some other snapshots… feel free to share them!