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a little less booty in my pants

I have a confession to make…
I’m on a wedding dress diet.
Sad, isn’t it?  It’s not so much that I didn’t like how I looked in the dress (although the little flabules squishing out at the top weren’t too pretty).  Or that I thought Aaron would be disappointed with me in a bikini.  It’s that I was afraid that with the busyness of wedding planning, I might indulge too much & actually gain weight.  Knowing I could never stick to any particular diet, I went searching for another method to keep myself eating healthy.  I found
I’ve been using this to help me eat healthy the last month.  I try to stay within my calorie range & I try to get a good “grade” on my nutrition every day.  I’ve really been amazed at how much I can really eat.  I even had 3 slices of pizza yesterday (after hiking at Rock Bridge) & still got a B because taken with my other meals that day, I had the right proportion of fat, carbs & protein. Most days I have a Clif bar or Balance bar for breakfast, a cup of tuna for lunch, some South Beach Crackers for a snack & then a well rounded dinner (well… pizza IS round…)
It’s actually kind of fun.  It’s fun to try to come up with meals that will get a good grade.  It’s a challenge to try to make sure my calorie expenditure is higher than my calorie intake.  And it hasn’t really cramped my style any.  I know that Wednesday nights I hang out with the girls & will probably eat more calories than usual.  So I stay strictly to my clif bar, tuna & crackers during the day.  Other days, I can eat a little more for lunch, knowing that I’m planning to just have chicken & broccoli for dinner.
I would encourage everyone to check out the calorie-count website.  Eating healthy shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of.  And it shouldn’t cramp your style.  You can also check out this article, which will give you a good idea of how much fat, carbs & protein you need each day.,,btq5,00.html
I’ve lost some pounds, and gotten back to my Freshman Year weight.  There’s a little less booty in my pants (meaning they don’t feel so tight when I put them on right after washing!).  My BMI is well within the healthy range.  And I got an A- grade average this week!

5 thoughts on “a little less booty in my pants”

  1. I read about a diet Beyonce went on to lose 25 pounds or something in two weeks (um…not healthy, friend). She ate ONLY jalepenos and water, because spicyness dulls your appetite. Then for dinner she had a chicken breast. Every day. For two weeks. But it worked. Ick.

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