I made 2 really awesome meals this weekend.  Tyson’s fully cooked chicken breast strips are my new best friends.  On Saturday, I cooked them with some chili peppers from a friend’s garden, some red onions, corn, cilantro, cumin & garlic.  Aaron said it tasted like Chipotle.  Rock on!  Sunday, I cooked them with some tomato (also from my friend’s garden), red peppers, red onions, garlic & italian seasoning.  Then I topped them with marinara sauce & parmesan cheese.  Well-rounded goodness!

I’ve been listening to CS Lewis’s Mere Christianity on CD the last few days.  My parents got it for Aaron for Christmas & he put it on his mp3 player to listen to at work.  My buddy, Clive Staples, is such a wise man.  If I could go back in time within the last century, he may be the guy I’d want to meet most.  Or possibly his buddy, John Ronald.  Not sure which.  If you spend a lot of time in the car, I highly recommend getting books on CD.  It’s like fast-food for your brain (but healthier).