Got a busy busy weekend coming up.  Here’s what I’ll be doing at any given moment…

Thursday – Night:  Bachelorette Party for Kate Germain (limited edition).  Getting to see all kinds of wonderful chicas that have been absent for awhile, as well as spending more time with those who have been present (mucho amor, mis hermanas)

Friday – Noon:  Going to the salon to discuss my hairstyle for my wedding.  I wonder if the famous Rainey knows what to do with a circlet?

Friday – Afternoon:  Kate’s rehearsal.  Doin’ the bridesmaid thing.

Friday – Evening:  Rehearsal dinner.  Including the reprise of the fabulous brown dress from Jessica & Adam’s wedding.

Saturday – Morning:  Up early, getting prettified.

Saturday – Afternoon:  The Matrimonial Celebration of Ryan & Kate.  Wearing a pretty dress, trying not to giggle.

Saturday – Night:  Reception.  Dancin’ the night away.  Basking in the enjoyment of all the hard work that has gone into this weekend.

Sunday:  Sleeping from dawn until dusk.