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Got some prayer requests

EDIT #2:  We found a new photographer!  Thank God for the Freecycle network!

EDIT:  We lost our wedding photographer…. don’t know what we’re going to do….  it sucks.

Got some prayer requests:

1.  My brother, Andrew, had another seizure on Saturday.  It’s been 8 months since his last one, and he was starting to feel pretty safe.  He even went on a float trip earlier in the week.  But this puts him back at square one, new meds to adjust to, another 6 months before he can drive, and the fear that this could happen anywhere, at any time.  He was very lucky that he was surrounded by friends, who had all been told what to do in case it happened.  He’d been at a pool party, but had already gotten out of the pool when he went down.  His friends held up pool rafts to shade him from the sun, and took care of him as he recovered.  He’s battered and bruised, sore & tired, but otherwise physically OK.  Please pray for the doctors to find the right meds to prevent any more seizures.  Pray for Andrew’s patience, as he deals with the limitations on his independence.  Pray for my family and their worry.

2.  Pray for Ryan & Kate as they travel to Hawaii to enjoy their honeymoon.  Pray for their patience as they wade through all the new airport security & regulations.  Pray for them to have a relaxing week, enjoying each other & the beauty of God’s creation.

3.  A small request… please pray for more rain!  Aaron, Moses & I went out to Fern Lake yesterday, and it was pretty dry & crispy.  We’re hoping for spectacular green foliage on our wedding day.  If it would rain every night from now until September 5, we’d be so happy!

4.  Also pray for Aaron’s & my finances.  Paying for two different apartments this summer has been very difficult, and our wedding budget, though small, is stretching us to the limit.  There will inevitably be things we will wish we could do for our wedding & honeymoon that we will not get to do.  Please pray for us to accept our limits & be content.  Also pray that my car will stay healthy & reliable for the next 6 months while we try to save up for a replacement.

5.  Please pray for the Rock kick-off events.  Pray for us to be able to meet lots of new students & start building some relationships.  Pray for many opportunities for us to serve the MU campus & meet some needs.  Pray for new students to be curious about us & receptive to our friendship.  Pray for God to move at MU.


3 thoughts on “Got some prayer requests”

  1. i wish imos could be delivered fresh. that’d be amazing. speaking of amazing, i saw the pics aaron took! they’re so good. im posting pics on facebook now, tomorrow ill post them somewhere else online where you can get to them easier.

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