Remember this entry about how my cousin, Emily & her husband, Dwayne were suprised with a baby available for adoption?  Well, here’s an update from Emily (I’ve put all the important parts in bold):

I’m not sure you want all the details on the 24/7 nausea, but…it appears we are going to be having a baby around March!   Not 100% sure of the timing yet, we will know more after an ultrasound next Tuesday.

If anyone ever questions the saying, I’ll offer living proof, clearly “God’s timing is not our timing!!!!” I’m just so glad He knows what He is doing and that He has a plan, because this crazy summer definitely wasn’t in ours!

I feel like I’ve gone straight from one dream into another!   We’re very excited and a bit overwhelmed/shocked at the moment.   We’ve had a couple of weeks to get used to the idea, but it is hard to imagine our Rose as a big sister and having two infants at the same time!

I know we’ve asked for prayers for us and Rose before as we go through this part of the journey (which appears to be going well, no contact from the other family and we found out today, our adoption hearing is scheduled for December 20, very exciting!), but now we need them even more for both babies, our strength and sanity, and a way to make this all work financially.

That’s the scoop at the moment, maybe more details next week after the ultrasound.   Oh, and SURPRISE…again!