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zoom zoom

This story begins with the untimely demise of a valiant little car….

Over the past month, Little Red was acting progressively worse.

Over-heating, guzzling antifreeze, having difficulty starting.

So, I left her at Mike’s Auto Repair right before the wedding.

And received the bad news.

A head gasket had failed, and antifreeze had been sucked into the engine.

And she would never start again.

Replacing the engine would be about $1500.

So Aaron & I made the difficult decision to put that money into a new car instead.

I would now like to introduce you to my new friend, known thus far only as zoom zoom


6 thoughts on “zoom zoom”

  1. so i don’t know how far away Russellville is from Columbia. but that’s where we are this weekend. i think Russellville is south of Jeff City. which is kind of close to Columbia, but not very close. so now that i think of it, it’s kind of a ways to go. so just igonore my rambling. but if you could find us a venue or church to play at in Columbia, then we might be able to come to you.

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