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My Revolution:  Part 2

Over the summer before the wedding, Aaron & I got the apartment put together & it started to feel like home.  We also established some routines as far as housecleaning went.  But since I wasn’t living there yet, the real test was yet to come.


After the wedding, our lives settled down & began to normalize.  And we both felt pretty good about the cleanliness of the house & the routines we’d established.  We knew there were some things that we needed to work on.  Some “stuff boxes” that needed attention (from both of us!) and some “hot spots” that tended to collect clutter.  We also both got annoyed at the state of the kitchen sink (ie: filled with dishes).  But it was all so minor, and similar to how our lives had been before, that it wasn’t at the top of our agenda to deal with any of it.


Then came the desk.  We ordered an awesome new desk for the office, so I could have my own computer set up.  In order to put the desk in, there were two bookshelves that had to go.  Those were filled with – you guessed it – “stuff”!  Those bookshelves had pretty much collected all the stuff that had no other obvious home in the apartment.  Suddenly, it became obvious that we still had a “stuff” problem.  And unless we started tackling it, it would eventually take over our happy home & I’d become just like my parents & drag Aaron down with me.


So we attacked the office.  Not just the bookshelves, but the closet as well.  We sorted stuff into boxes:  trash, donate, keep.  Two giant boxes of trash went out.  A big load of stuff went to Goodwill.  And we found a home for every item we decided to keep.  We also shredded about a ream & a half of papers (old bank statements, pay stubs, credit card offers etc).  When we were done, we had room in the closet to put one of the bookshelves for filebox storage & other assorted items.  We gave the other one away.  We also cleared off space on several other bookshelves.  One we will use for sorting incoming mail & current important papers.


Then the desk arrived & Aaron assembled it.  And our office was suddenly transformed from a cluttered “everything” space, to a real room with a real purpose.  And we’re establishing some systems that will hopefully keep it that way.


to be continued…


The Desk


Aaron added a divider in the keyboard tray (to keep small desk items in),
installed some beautiful lights (with dimmer!),
& made longer sides for the file drawer so it pulls out farther for easier access.