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Some FlyLady wisdom for the day:

We live in a society in which the one who dies with the most stuff wins! Do you want your stuff to be the death of you?  Look at why you are holding on to things. Are you afraid that you are going to have to do without?  Fear and hoarding are signs that you don’t have faith in God.


Having enough does not mean being full and it does not mean that you are settling for something. It means being able to recognize that you truly do have enough.  Knowing that you have enough does not mean that things aren’t hard. Life can bring difficult moments and times, but being able to know that in the end you do have enough is a very powerful thing.



FlyLady Tips:

· Only buy things that are needed.

· When you bring something new home, purge something old that it replaces.

· Get rid of the items that you have duplicates of.

· Give away the things you no longer use.

· Throw away items that make you feel guilty or sad.

· Get rid of clothes that you can’t or don’t wear.

· Clean out your attic, basement & other storage spaces.




My own experience:

I purged my closet this weekend & removed over 30 items of clothing that I didn’t need.  Some didn’t fit me well.  Some were looking shabby.  Some were uncomfortable from the day I bought them.  Some didn’t match my style anymore.  Now I don’t have to rummage through so many “ugly” clothes to find the ones I enjoy wearing.  I’m taking the two trashbags to Goodwill today, so that hopefully my old clothes can be redeemed and bless someone else.  And now I have room in my closet for something new .