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Who needs fake snow?  Our wreath is truly frosted!

This is what we were greeted with at 6:30am when we opened our front door.

Aaron tackles the front porch.

The wind is blasting snow off the roof.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be going to work any time soon.

Snow billowing off the roof.

Aaron’s a snow plowin’ machine!

Our parkinglot is buried.

15 inches in the parkinglot.  That’s right.  15 inches.

My gallant husband conquered the snow monster!

Got a phone call from work.  The office is closed.  Snow Daaaayyyyy!!!!!

I’m a snow ninja.

Now I’m a snow angel.

My masterpiece.

Mojo wonders what the silly peoples are doing.

Aaron & our neighbor, Cody, are clearing the parkinglot.  A charitable good deed from the heart?

Not quite.

Aaron’s out of Dr. Pepper & needs some caffeine!

They’re doing pretty well with one shovel and a tennis racket.

Will Cody’s Escape live up to it’s name?

It can only Escape with help from these two tenacious guys.

Lovely snow formations.