I am appalled, disgusted & embarrassed by the behavior of Christian brothers and sisters on the internet who are so self-righteous & opinionated & so sure that their self-made opinions are correct that they refuse to listen to or even tolerate opposing opinion, or even questions about why they believe what they do.


I’m even more embarrassed to admit that these are Christians from my own movement, which is supposed to be a tolerant & accepting environment for new believers & seekers.  Ugh.


I had to go back & listen to this talk & Romans 14 to get my head back on straight.  Check it out if you possibly can.  http://www.one9.us/misc/red-herrings.mp3




I found the other talk I was thinking of.  It’s mostly about theology (which is a necessary thing) but Brian mentions toward the end the danger of focusing too narrowly on one author’s point of view, and of studying theology without the guidance of (and submitting to) community.  http://www.columbiarock.com/resources/media/talks/12-4-2004_Brian%20Gamel%20-%20No%20Other%20God.mp3


On the CD I have with that talk by Brian is one by Ed that also really struck me as I listened to it today.  It’s about encouraging our brothers and sisters to live for God.  Which I think is a lost art in our particular community.  http://www.columbiarock.com/resources/media/talks/11-13-2004_Encouragement%20-%20Courtney.mp3