Stop the Perfectionist Toad Rant

I haven’t posted anything FlyLady-related in awhile, so it’s about time 🙂  This is an email that was sent to the FlyLady email list.  FlyLady has been encouraging all her followers to do 15 minutes of “loving movement” every day.  It can be any type of movement that is healthy for your body, a way to love and take care of yourself.  The FLY in FlyLady is for “Finally Loving Yourself,” because you have to take care of your own health (physical, emotional, & spiritual) in order to be healthy enough to care for others.

At your encouragement, I have decided to do some loving moment each day as part of my Lenten discipline this year. It has been a looong time since I exercised, in any fashion, but I thought I could handle the yoga class this morning at my local gym.

The class begins, and the teacher leads us through some vigorous, but certainly do-able exercises. All though I was pretty much able to keep up with the class, you better believe the soundtrack in my head started IMMEDIATELY.

I was just berating myself every step of the way for not being as good as the woman on the mat over there….for not being flexible enough….for ever quitting exercising in the first place….for letting myself get so out of shape….on and on, almost the whole way through. Totally perfectionist thinking, rearing it’s very, very ugly head.

It wasn’t until the last part of the class, where the instructor had us enter a relaxation mode, that I realized what I had been doing. I thought to myself “what if each of those ugly thoughts I had during this class had turned into a big, ugly warty toad, and was now hopping it’s way around the class?!”

I was horrified at the thought of filling what was supposed to be a healthy, energizing place with such horrid creatures. And I didn’t stop at just thinking how horrible it was to do to the other women there – it would be a horrible thing to do to MYSELF! Not a loving way to be at all!

So instead, I started saying to myself “Body, you did a good job in this class. You held me up, and you did your best.” And then I realized that even that wasn’t personal enough. I need to love ME. I called myself by name (in my head, of course) “ELIZABETH you did a good job in this class. You did your best, you lovingly moved your body. Everything about this is good.” Let me tell you, it made a HUGE difference in my attitude both in the class and for the rest of the day!

Now, I swear this part is the truth. I no sooner stopped saying those nice things to myself when the teacher ended the relaxation exercise by saying “Open your eyes now. You should feel peaceful and light – like you are flying.” FLYING!!!! Can you believe it!

Speaking for myself – I was! Finally Loving Myself for getting out and moving my body, and loving myself enough to stop the perfectionist toad rant.

fat toadtoady


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