Plans are coming together and the team is very excited to see how God will use us. We have the largest team that we’ve ever taken to Honduras. Because of that, there will be many opportunities for us to use the unique gifts of our team members to bless the Hondurans.

As of right now, our plans are:
• Build a house for a lady named Esperanza and her family of 8
• Maintenance and repair work in the tortilla factory and elsewhere
• Puppet programs wherever and whenever possible
• Help wherever needed at the Nutrition Recovery Clinic

What you can pray for as the trip approaches:
• Passports will arrive in time
• We will be able to raise support for our trip as well as funds to pay for Esperanza’s house and other projects.
• We will be able to take 500 pairs of children’s shoes and 100 sets of sheets.
• Our team will learn to work together in unity and harmony.
• God will be preparing the way for us.

What you can pray for while we are there (March 24 – April 1):
• Health & safety of team members (especially in regards to the heat)
• Humility and flexibility for our team members
• We will make the most of every opportunity we are presented with
• Our team will demonstrate brotherly love toward each other and our hosts
• We will build a foundation for future work
• Seeds of faith will be planted, some will be watered, and others harvested
• We will be an encouragement to our brothers at the Choluteca church, and that we will receive encouragement from them as well