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CoMo’s spring not on calendar

March 17, 2007

Spring tiptoes in on Tuesday. Officially, the new season arrives when the sun shines exactly above the equator. But in CoMo, we’ll know it’s really spring when…


  • Columbia Mall’s mountains of snow dribble to nothing in the parking lots.
  • Buds blossom on the trembling redbud branches, and the last trees release their grip on the brown leaves they have clenched all winter.
  • Sunglasses abound so their wearers can secretly gawk at bare legs beneath tiny shorts emblazoned with MIZZOU across the derrière.
  • Toes peep out of flip-flops, and the aroma of winter-bound feet permeates the vicinity. 
  • A small color-coded map signifying tornado or flash-flood watch seems to be always flashing in the corner of the TV screen.
  • The urban gloss of the True/False film festival lingers in downtown’s light-pole banners and in gloriously fading squid/woodpecker window posters.
  • The UPS guy parks his truck and squires the package to a third-floor door, instead of leaving his warm truck running and dropping the delivery at the first-floor lobby.
  • Nondieters in winter coats huddle at sidewalk tables to eat thin-mint ice cream beneath the benign gaze of a fake bulldog.
  • Other would-be athletes join Mizzou’s lacrosse team, boldly practicing in shorts since January, on Stankowski Field.
  • Road crews start filling winter’s pothole devastation.
  • Hat hair is gone, but muffin tops mar the view when coats no longer hide unpleasant bulges over too-tight jeans.