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I was kind of excited as I was going through pictures to find pics of two pairs of Aaron’s shoes being given away.  It’s such a beautiful thing that these shoes that were just taking up space in our closet are now put to real use by people who are so pleased to have them.  And it looks like John was having a good time giving them away too 🙂



Maybe in the course of looking through pictures, I’ll find more shoes that I recognize.  Of course I also have pics of the girl I gave my flip-flops to.  I hope she’s enjoying them, because they were the most comfortable flip-flops EVER.

Next year, maybe you can clean out your closet a little too, and send your “unwanted” shoes and clothes to people who will be delighted to have them.   It’s so cool to give new life to the clutter from your closet.  It blesses you by freeing up space in your home, and blesses others who need what you have an abundance of.

Maybe it will be your shoes in the pictures next year.