Early this morning I had a dream about a friend who died some time ago.  It was one of those dreams that so many people have about a loved one, where they tell you they’re OK.  She told me she was enjoying being with Jesus everyday, that they were having fun.  Which is such a her thing to say.  She also said she was better, healed.  And though she showed me that all her scars were gone, I knew she meant on the inside too.  I told her about what I and others had done in her memory, what we’d done to honor her.  And then I woke up with tears all over my face and my pillow.

And though the dream was a big relief, getting to hug her and tell her she was loved, like I only wish I’d been able to do before she was gone, I also began to think about myself and my other friends.  So many lives with so many passions, so many plans to be Jesus to the world.  And if one of us left this world tomorrow, what would we want done in our memory?

Most of us, though we look forward to having fun with Jesus for eternity, hope to have plenty of time to live out our passions here on earth beforehand.  But we all know that life is unpredictable.  So what would you want people to do in your memory?  To honor your unique life passions?  To carry on the task Jesus put on your heart?

And why not start it now while your heart is still beating?