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Experiences from foreign mission trips that every Christian should have:

Step out in faith to trust God to raise support
See their gifts and talents used
Experience the spiritual bond with Christians from another culture
See how God is worshiped in another culture
See the poverty, and feel the compassion
See the spiritual darkness, and feel the drive to share the gospel
See fruit of their labor
Come to understand the similarities and differences between the U.S. and another culture
Learn flexibility and the feeling of having your life not in your own control, and trusting God with it.
Learn humility and submission to authority
Experience language barriers and how to overcome them
Experience cultural barriers and adapt to them
Take the risk and share the gospel with strangers
Learn to communicate the gospel clearly
Learn to connect with people of all ages
Walk among the poor, the sick, the dirty, the outcast
Learn to love children and make an impact in their lives
See how big the problems are
See how much bigger God is
See the passion and power of a missions-driven church
Learn how they can be used to meet needs – both abroad and at home
Learn to hear and obey promptings of the Holy Spirit
Learn to tune out distractions
Learn to distinguish Satan’s lies from God’s truth
Experience spiritual attack and rely on God to overcome it
Learn to work as a team and rely on others
Learn to humbly accept the hospitality of the nationals
Learn to live without the luxuries they take for granted
Learn to overcome physical adversities
Experience the liberation of leaving their comfort zone
Deal with the apprehension and possible persecution and opposition from family and friends
Come back home with renewed passion for missions
Bring back and share enthusiasm for reaching out to those in need
Become a catalyst for change at home
Build lasting relationships with team members and nationals
Discover gifts, talents, passions, likes, dislikes, personal deficits, challenges, that they didn’t know they had before.
Begin to look at American culture in a different way
Consider what sort of life changes and adjustments may be needed