I discovered FlyLady soon after my wedding, when I was still trying to figure out the whole marriage thing.  Having heard so many horror stories about newlyweds bickering over chores and who is supposed to do what, and how clean the house is supposed to be, and being told that habits (bad & good) established in the first six months of marriage often endure for a lifetime, I was desperate for some solid advice.


I had always kept my own apartments on the very verge of chaos.  I managed to keep the chaos in check, but just barely.  And in the months leading up to my wedding, I purged and purged so as to not bring my clutter into my new husband’s life.  He kept an immaculate apartment, to the point of being uncomfortable for me.  It was so sterile, not homey at all.  So it’s no surprise I was terrified of ruining my relationship with my husband by being too messy, or of losing my own identity by becoming a Stepford wife.

Once I found FlyLady, I found the perfect balance.  I now have routines that put me on autopilot, and keep the apartment automatically decent.  It only takes a little effort on my part to get it truly clean and ready for company.

I’m a long way from being an expert FLYer.  I am lazy beyond measure, and would much rather surf another website or read another chapter of a book rather than reboot the laundry or unload the dishwasher.  But the routines I have firmly established keep the worst offenders under control and I feel like I have the tools and the know-how to handle everything without stress.