I’ve now been a FlyBaby for a year, and I’ve come to realize that there is so much more to what FlyLady is doing than teaching people how to declutter or keep a shiny sink.  Her emails touch on the underlying causes for our chaotic homes and lives.  She talks about the misconceptions, attitudes, fears, emotional baggage and tendencies that lead us into chaos and leave us stranded there, unable to help ourselves out.  And these issues affect not only our ability to keep a clean home; they affect every part of our lives.  This is why I think that FlyLady isn’t just for married women with a house, kids, and a husband to look after. 

As a matter of fact, I think that she has a lot to teach teens and young women, especially those just leaving home and starting life for themselves.  So many young women leave home without the tools and lessons needed to take care of themselves and be successful.  Whatever the reason, many women seem to flounder in college and early adult life.  They feel like their schedule is out of control.  They’re always busy, but never seem to get everything done.  They don’t feel good enough, smart enough, together enough.  They compare themselves to others and feel like they come up short.  They are tired – physically and emotionally.  Their messy dorm room, apartment, or even their car or appearance is an outward reflection of the turmoil in their minds and hearts.  THIS is what FlyLady is trying to help women with.  The internal battles that lead to external chaos.  And this is what I’m hoping to share with the young women in my life. 

Peace is the opposite of chaos, and love is the opposite of fear.  In fact, the FLY in FlyLady stands for “Finally Loving Yourself.”  This isn’t a selfish kind of love where you become the center of your universe.  It’s the kind of love that comes from knowing that you are a child of God, a special and beautiful creation.   Your Heavenly Father desires you to prosper, to live life to the fullest.  And if you are damaging yourself through stress and chaos, you cannot open your heart to what he wants to do in and through you.

So I’ve tried to collect some of the essays and emails that have touched me and made a difference in my life, particularly ones that I think will help you younger ladies as you establish your individual lives.  Whether you live in a dorm, in an apartment, with roommates or alone.  Or maybe you’re a newlywed, trying to figure out this new “wife” role you find yourself in.  Hopefully, this will help you establish a foundation that will keep you steady through all the adventures of life ahead of you.