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By Leslie (aka Missus SmartyPants)

Are you living with Closet Chaos? If your closet looks something like these closets (that I am about to show you) then there is definitely room for improvement. In fact, having a more organized closet will not only help you dress more stylishly, it may be the kick you need to get organization happening in other areas of your life! Try it and see!

When your closet is organized with pants together, shirts by color or sleeve length (whatever works for you) and all your dresses and skirts are together – you can begin to put together “outfits” and possibly some new ones you didn’t know you had! Having your outfits already picked out the night before is a part of your evening routine that sets you up for success the next day. The next morning, instead of panicking about what you’re going to wear, you’ve got it handled and you can work on your morning routine without the stress of worrying about your clothes.

Ladies, it’s time to stop standing in front of your closet in a panic each morning with nothing to wear, only to put on “whatever” and feeling yucky all day long! Instead, let’s take babysteps to start each morning with more peace. This happens when we’ve got it together in the closet.

You will feel empowered to dress nicely (because you will “see” outfits you can wear) and you might even leave your closet doors open because Your Closet looks so good!

5 Reasons to Closet Purge:

1) Size Matters. Too big or too small a size (waiting until you are that size again) Dress for now, if it doesn’t fit it, needs to clear out!

2) Not Fitting In. Poor fit. Certain items of clothing you would wear if they didn’t pucker or if it was let out just a little. Either take them straight to a tailor, or closet purge them!

3) The Dating Game. Clothes Outdated? Purge them! If and when those particular styles come into fashion again, be assured new colors and textures will be used by current designers-guaranteed. (Did you really want to wear that style again?)

4) True Colors. It’s a bad color for you. Every time you put it on you get asked if you feel alright. Truth is you don’t and it just sits in your closet…you know what to do with it. Purge it!

5) Hated It! Just never liked it. Reason enough! Follow through and purge it from your closet. Allow someone else the chance to love it – give it to charity.

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