Hot Spot Fire Drill

by Marla Cilley (FlyLady)

Did you know that if you clear out your Hot Spots that your home will look clean, even if you have dust bunnies running rampant?

So what is a Hot Spot? A Hot Spot is an area, when left unattended with gradually take over. My favorite analogy is of a hot spot in a forest fire, if left alone will eventually get out of hand and burn up the whole forest. This is what happens in our homes. If left unattended the hot spot will grow and take over the whole room as well as making the house look awful. When you walk into a room, the Hot Spots are the first thing you see. Your eyes are locked on clutter and you feel uneasy.

I police my hot spots twice a day. I have to because I work out of my home and if I didn’t my work area would be taken over by piles of stuff! Soon the piles would be spilling on to the floor.

Why do we have Hot Spots? We lay a piece of paper down on a flat surface, because we will not take the time to deal with it. That one piece of paper is like a clutter magnet and before you know it, the simple piece of paper becomes the spark that turns into a raging inferno that takes over your living areas and makes your home look messy.

We are going to attack our Hot Spots with a fury. This is not hard to do. In the past when company was coming we have been known to rake it all off into boxes, garbage bags or clothes baskets and quarantine it in our bedrooms. This is not going to happen any more.

Identify your Hot Spots right now. Go to your front door and stand there as if you were entering your home for the first time. What do you see? A pile on the dining room table and another pile on your sofa table? I want you to set your timer for 5 minutes and put out one Hot Spot.

Oh you don’t think you have enough time to do this; that it will take much longer than 5 minutes? Well you are going to be so surprised! Today I am going to spend 5 minutes at the top of each hour and police my hot spots. Yes I have them like everyone else and yes I become blind to them just like you are, but today we are going to put on someone else’s eyes and see our home as others do.

Here is your assignment;

Go to your front door like I said in the last paragraph and find your first hot spot. Set your timer for only 5 minutes and then clear it out. At the top of the next hour, do the same thing; Go back to the front door and find another hot spot! After you have put out that fire; grab a glass of water and celebrate your accomplishment of clearing out a hot spot!

Before the day is over, your Hot Spots will be cool and soothing to the eye and your home will look cleaner!

Are you ready to FLY with out Hot Spots taking over your home?


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