by Marla Cilley (FlyLady)

Right now you should be focusing on your morning routine and your before bed routine. These are daily maintenance. Get in the habit of picking up after yourself and keeping your kitchen clean and the sink shiny. You can only declutter if you routines are done in the morning.

I want you to be easy on yourself; this is not the white glove treatment. Your home has been neglected for a very long time; taking a steady approach to achieve some order will not kill you. Good efficient habits take time to establish. Just as your home did not get trashed in a day, neither are your routines going to become instilled in your mind and body overnight. My morning routine is now done without even thinking about it. I never realize when I am doing it. The before bed is the same way. My routines have become part of me. Now that they are established my body goes through the motions without even thinking about them. This is how my home practically cleans itself.

This is why I have reinforced the morning and before bed routines. They keep a home on the right course even if you can’t do the other things. Just watch and see what happens when you miss one routine. Things start to pile up again. Then the piles start to collect more stuff and before you know it you are in an avalanche! Nip it in the bud by doing your routines.

Basic Morning Routine:
Rise & Shine!
Make the bed (just pull the covers up & straighten the pillows)
Get dressed to shoes
Swish & Swipe

Basic Before Bed Routine:
Shine your sink
Take care of a Hot Spot
Lay out clothes for tomorrow
Get ready for bed at a decent hour!

This is all a process of establishing one habit at a time and building upon what you have learned by adding another one to your routine; Taking babysteps. I don’t expect you to have a full blown routine in a week. It took me nine months to give birth to my new
life!  If you think you can do this faster, then I believe that you are back into your perfectionism.