by Kelly (FlyLady’s assistant)

The subject of this email was a question that I was asked by one of our members. She told me that she was FLYing along very nicely and then woke up this morning with no enthusiasm. She did not want to do her routines. She did not want to do a mission or do a zone cleaning and guess what? It was not her free day! So what was she supposed to do when she has lost her "Get Up and Go"?

We all have days like this and there are times when these days seem to start coming closer and closer together!

The one thing that seems to really help put you back on track is to get dressed to shoes. This is a must, otherwise you are just going to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head. Once you kind of push yourself to get dressed, you will start to feel a little better. Then set your timer and grab a trash bag for a 27 fling boogie. This may seem silly but as you are walking through your house, tossing the junk mail, the old soda can that someone left out, an old magazine etc, you will start to feel that release of clutter that seems to really motivate us.

If you are still feeling un-enthusiastic, strike a bargain with yourself; if I finish my mission then I get to take a 15 minute
break and put my feet up, if I finish my zone then I get to have a little snack, if I do a hot spot fire drill I get to read a book for 15 minutes. If I do just one thing that I have been procrastinating about, I get to treat myself to a guilty pleasure! Set those timers and reward yourself to help you shake off the unwanted lack of enthusiasm.

These feelings do come on occasionally and they are normal and to be expected. How you handle them is what will make a difference in your life. It is okay to succumb and take a break every now and again but when these feelings start to happen closer and closer together, we have to take that extra-babystep to keep FLYing!

Remember we are taking BabySteps and we are not beating ourselves up….we are Finally Loving Ourselves!!!