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Green #3 – Paper Waste

There are two really great ways to rid yourself of unnecessary paper waste at home. 

Method #1 – Switch to online bill pay for all your regular expenses and request the utility/bank/lending company to stop sending you paper bills.  Most banks will do this, and utilities are quickly catching on too.  After all, it saves them postage and paper too.  If you feel you need a hard copy, you can print it yourself.  You’ll probably use much less paper than the bank would have (with all that advertising crap they stuff in there).

Method #2 – Get yourself off the mailing list.  Just like opting out of spam email and opting off of the telemarketer call list, you can opt out of junk mail too!  Here’s the website (, which allows you to get off the list of all four of the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies (which are the wonderful folks who sell your credit rating info to banks and credit card companies who then send you mountains of mail).  This will prevent them from selling your info, and pretty much put a halt to all of those “pre-approved” offers.  And here’s a website that gives directions for opting out of all sorts of junk mail: (


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