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My trip to Choluteca, Honduras in March 2007 was incredible.  I had the opportunity to visit a poverty-stricken area of Honduras and reach out to people who often feel despair and helplessness in regards to their circumstances.  We were able to help in the construction of two houses, and repair the roof of another.  These were homes for families that had previously lived in the shanty town near the river.  They now live in a community engineered by Samaritan’s Purse.  The church has a compound in that community where they have a day care, a clinic for malnourished children, a tortilla factory and bakery.

One way in which we were able to physically bless the community was through shoes.  We collected thousands of shoes, and we had several opportunities to distribute them to people in need.  We visited a community near the city dump, where the adults make their living searching the dump for recyclables, scrap metal, and other items that can be sold for money.  The community is one of the poorest I have seen, but the people were very welcoming to us, and we were able to put shoes on at least one hundred children’s feet there.

In 2006 we visited the prison for the first time, and met the women involved in the ministry there.  In 2007, we had more guys on our team, and they were able to visit the men’s common area and share the gospel there.  We are praying that God will raise up some men from the church in Choluteca to provide an ongoing ministry to the men in that prison.

In 2006, we also visited the public hospital.  When asked about their needs, the staff told us they needed sheets and baby blankets.  So in 2007, we were able to bring them hundreds of sheets, baby blankets, and some pillows.  Thank you so much to those who donated shoes, sheets or blankets!

Which brings me to my next trip… Choluteca, Honduras, March 2008!  The Rock decided in 2006 to team up with the church in Choluteca to form a partnership, where we can focus our efforts to make a difference for Christ in a distant part of the world.  Great Commission Choluteca is a church that truly cares about their community.  They are currently in the process of building “Casa, Hogar, Vida” (House, Home, Life), a support center for families with HIV/AIDS.  The center will provide comprehensive services and support, administering medicine, health education, Christian counseling, and a home for orphaned children.  On our trip, we hope to help with construction of this center.

The cost of the trip is $1500, and I need to have most of it by mid February.  If you’d like to help me out financially with this trip, let me know, and I’ll let you know how.  But more than your gifts, I want your prayers.  If you could let me know you’re praying for the trip, I’d really appreciate it.