FLYing Solo

(a testimonial from a FLYbaby who lives on her own)

I’m FLYing solo, always have been and often have read testimonials about others that are FLYing solo and think stinkin’ thoughts about "Why clean? It’s just me.  Why cook? It’s just me."  Well, forewarned is forearmed. I’ve been FLYing for about a year now, and love to have friends over, cook them dinner and generally enjoy my life.

Consequently, last year and for many years, with a policy of going out rather than staying in, my house sure looked ill used by the end of the week. I’d have the best of intentions, buy food but not feel like eating it, go out, and have a stinky kitchen and unmade bed. So I’d prefer to go to friends’ homes to feel more included, feel more like I was a link in the world. I’d never heard of dust bunnies, I threw covers over couches, ignored bookcases and tables and simply go out!

Now this year, my home is a peaceful, decluttered haven, my anxiety levels are almost zero and thanks to my much-envied feather duster (everyone has to have a go when they see it), allergy-free and sparkling. I have friends over all the time, and one of my girlfriends who is also FLYing solo has decided to stay over in the spare room one night a week because she feels so at home here.

FLYing solos! Get out your recipe books, sign up to the Menu Mailer ( and take this tip: get together with your single friends and cook each other a meal once a week! At the very least you have something to look forward to, and at best, good food, good friends and what we do: a good bless your heart walk before dinner to shake off the day.

Are you tired of simply cooking just for yourself? Take out a magazine subscription to a nice cooking journal. If you’re cooking just for yourself, buy only the BEST fruit and veggies you can from good local suppliers. Buy the expensive cheeses, buy better bottles of wine, buy EXCELLENT chocolate, if you’re solo, chocolate is such a good thing to have handy.

I select about 5 recipes from my cooking magazine every month, buy all the dry ingredients I’ll need once a month and keep a list of the fresh ingredients in my diary to pick up the day I need them. I’m eating seasonally, the very best quality at its peak, cheaply because I can walk to the fruiterer’s and food in season is MUCH cheaper. It all gets eaten because at its seasonal best means taste is at its best too.

My recipes are becoming more varied and interesting and I keep finding friends dropping over for a glass of wine, a snack, help me walk the dog or to enjoy the chockie. FLYing solo is fun when you approach it this way.

Without the routines and habits I have in place it would be messy and embarrassing but now, how fun, how social, how tasty is my life! I own the ‘just drop by anytime’ house and people do BECAUSE I’m solo and my home is a great place to be.

FLYing solo in Queensland


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