Inspiration to Declutter

– a FlyLady email

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and you just don’t know how to get up the strength to make yourself even declutter for 15 minutes, stop for one minute and take a look around at your home and recognize how very blessed you are. It may be cluttered and need some cleaning but it has a roof and you can call it yours.

My point is this; many of us are so blessed to have what we have, even if it is too much. Take what is too much in your home and bless others. There are people that are in homeless shelters that could use the warmth of any clothes you may have to share. There is a woman that will leave an abusive home tonight, what you give to that shelter will be of comfort to her. Those that have suffered from weather related devastation – tornadoes, blizzards, floods and fires – that are starting over need some blessings. If you need some inspiration, be inspired by reaching out with your arms full to fill someone’s that are empty.

This is not a guilt trip by any means! FlyLady is a guilt free zone! I want you to feel the strength that you have within you to bless others – I know you have it! This is your inspiration to push aside those overwhelming feelings of “I don’t know where to start” and just do something. Go set those timers!!

Read the email below and you will be even more inspired:


Dear FlyLady,

I am a FlyBaby, and this is the first time I have had the nerve to 27 fling boogie my daughters things. I’m trying to de-clutter her dresser since she is getting bigger and I am sick of pulling out 12 pairs of pants to get her dressed in the morning before I can find a pair that isn’t too small.

I am usually late for work (of course) and have had many problems with one of my managers over this, and basically everything else I do. I thought she just didn’t like ME.

After I did the "boogie" on my daughter’s dresser, I went and dropped off 4 bags of clothes at the local Women’s Shelter for domestic violence hoping to bless women and children who have lost it all.

The next day she came into work with 2 of her children, and both of them were wearing clothes I had donated. She had just left a very abusive husband and was trying to start over from nothing.

Now her not liking "Me" makes a little more sense, she was so stressed she didn’t like ANYONE. It also made me remember when I had to start over from scratch with a 2 year old girl, and started piling up anything and everything I could get my hands on.

I now realize I don’t have to do that, and when I am, I am taking from other women who don’t just want things they NEED them just to survive. I have since dropped of 21 big black garbage bags of things at the shelter.

My house looks better, I am less stressed, my family is happier, and other women are getting things to help their families while I am helping mine.

Thank you all so much for the nudge to get me started!!!

FlyBaby J


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