Personally, I enjoy Friday nights when The Ferg works overtime. Sometimes I do some organizing and straightening. But usually I just cook, crochet, and watch something fun. Maybe I geek out and watch a Star Trek or Doctor Who marathon. Or I bust out the DVDs and watch movies, or just the special features (The Ferg hates those, he doesn’t like the movie magic ruined for him). This is also my night to crack open a Guinness or one of those tiny single-serve bottles of wine or make myself a fancy cocktail. Every now and then I do a night of pampering with a bubble bath & a book, facial treatment, hair dye, nail polish, etc.

What’s your favorite “Me Night”?

9 ideas for a night alone at home from ChristianityToday.com

Someone’s in the Kitchen
There are definitely times when I feel the need to be apart from others, usually when I’m utterly spent from working long hours and giving to others. Lately I’ve spent my Me Nights cooking. I’m so busy during the week that I often eat on the run. So on the weekends I find it relaxing and restorative to create food that’s enjoyable and good for me. Sometimes I also read an engaging novel, or have a Me and Jesus Night, which means reading passages from Scripture and/or good books that refresh my soul.

Going to the Dogs
My favorite night to myself is taking my dog to the doggie park. Sometimes I also take a neighbor dog along, though there’s never a shortage of dogs for them to play with. The other owners and I know each other as “Delight’s master” or “Precious’ master” or “Bruno’s master” and often chat about what our dogs have been up to: “Thank goodness she’s past that chewing stage!” or “He threw up on the carpet last night.” It’s a fun time.

Pride and Pampering
When I have a night to myself, I pick up dinner at one of my favorite places, such as PF Chang’s, then I come home, light some candles, and pop in a favorite chick flick, often Pride and Prejudice. However, nothing beats a bubble bath and a manicure/pedicure! There is a difference between being lonely and being alone.

Laugh It Up
I love Me Nights and lazy Saturday afternoons when I don’t have to be anywhere. It might sound corny, but sometimes my absolute favorite thing to do is order Chinese takeout, pop in an old Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie and laugh at it’s silliness. Romantic movies with happy endings are always great, but nothing beats laughing for a good couple of hours!

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