Life on the Internets


I’ve spent some time today working on my iGoogle page, and discovered some pretty cool stuff. If you don’t know what an iGoogle page is, it’s a personal homepage, kind of like the home base of your web-surfing experience. There are all kinds of wonderful widgets/gadgets/applications that you can add to your iGoogle page, and you can also add pretty much any RSS feed to it. There is an awesome Facebook widget that actually displays your facebook page right there as a box on your iGoogle page. It has nearly the same functionality as your real facebook page, and it’s actually a bit faster to navigate.
For me, having an iGoogle page is really worthwhile, because I can easily access all my favorite sites from one website on any computer. I use iGoogle as my homepage on my work computer, so not only do I have Google open and ready for random searches, but I can see if I have any new email on my gmail account, or if I have any facebook messages, or what my friends are doing on Twitter, all without having to actually go to those sites. Just one quick glance and I can see what’s new in my online world. I also have a widget that displays my Google Reader subscriptions, so updates from any RSS feed I’m subscribed to will show up on my iGoogle page. That way I can easily see if Mazvita has written on Xanga or if Casa Hogar has a new post on Blogspot.

You can also have multiple tabs for your iGoogle page. I happen to have Home, News, and Fun. The News tab has feeds of all the news sites I would normally look at in a day, both world news and local. I have the latest news links from CNN, FoxNews, BBC, Telemundo, Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Columbia Tribune & Missourian – all right there in my News tab. My Fun tab is just for wasting time – funny pictures, videos, trivia, and games, all easily accessed from one page.

If you have a laptop, and that’s all you ever use for web-surfing, you may not see the need for an iGoogle page because you have your bookmarks available all the time. But if you use multiple computers (at school, at work, etc), you NEED iGoogle.


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