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The Magical Grapefruit of Love

This is the only email forward that I have ever really loved. I’m pretty sure I received my first GOL in the mid-90s, couldn’t say from whom, but it changed my life. It came to mind yesterday, and I decided it was necessary to share it with all of my favorite people.
Without further ado, I present to you:


This is the magical grapefruit of love. It has been bequeathed upon you by someone who thinks you are really cool. This person might be your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, pal, homie, hausfrau, neighbor, or someone else you don’t even know. This person finds you rather interesting, and just generally thinks you’re a pretty good excuse to be alive. This is merely a token of affection for you to wonder at and appreciate.

The proper response upon receipt of this magical grapefruit of love is a hug, or a message of thanks, if this person is too far away to hug within a week of receipt. Basically, the magical grapefruit of love is a way to say “Hey, you’re really cool, and I want you to know that.”

Sorry if you were disappointed that there is no actual citrus fruit contained in this letter. Unfortunetly, at the time of writing, that miracle of science that allows grapefruit to travel through telephone lines has not been perfected. But be consoled by the fact that someone thinks you’re a really cool guy/gal and would most likely help you out if you had a flat tire somewhere in the same state (or within a one or two hour radius, depending on the size of your state).

The sender of the magical grapefruit of love only asks one thing of you — (besides the aforementioned hug) that you bequeath this grapefruit of love on someone else. The magical grapefruit of love grows in power as it is shared and someday you may receive this magical citrus entity again. Send it on. Remember the elation you felt the first time you received it? If you send it on, you may feel this again.

This is not a chain letter. Nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t send it on, but think of the bright spot it might put in the day of someone you think is extra marvelous.
P.S. If you want to pass on the GOL, you can do so by facebook, email, by whatever means you see fit. The important thing is to let people know they are special, and to spread the goodness of the Grapefruit of Love.


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