Day in the Life

9/11 Perceptions

It occurred to me recently that this year’s college freshmen were only 11 years old in 2001 (I was 20). That not only surprised me in how long ago that was (and how much older I am than them), but it also prompted some questions.
How is their perception of 9/11 different from mine? What was it like for them, finding out about such a horrible tragedy? What did their parents say? What did teachers say? Did they watch all the coverage? Were they interested, or did they tune it all out? How did teachers address it in the years that followed? Was it included in the curriculum? How do they feel about it now?

If you feel like sharing, please do. People of all ages… how did 9/11 affect you at the time it happened, and how do you feel looking back on it now?


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