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Sent to me by my dad in response to the news about a special little girl in Honduras that his church had been praying for.

Our eyes fill with tears as we read about this precious child.
Not so much for her death, but for the future that will not be.
For the struggle of those few years of life.
For the knowledge that she never got to be a child
Laughing, playing, enjoying life.

Yes, our eyes fill with tears.
Tears of gratitude.
Gratitude for the knowledge that this little child
Is now in our loving Father’s hands.
Resting, without hunger, without pain.
Loved with the ultimate love.
Full of joy.

Yes, our eyes fill with tears.
Tears for the hundreds of Rositas that still are hungry, sick, and hurting.
Tears from the knowledge that many more will also die because we do not have the resources to save them.
Tears because we cannot hold and comfort them all.

Yes, our eyes are filled with tears.
Tears of thankfulness
Thankfulness for a God who holds us in his hands and tells us that He is sufficient.
Thankfulness for the strength He gives us to carry on.
Thankfulness for the peace He gives us in these times.
Thankfulness for the knowledge that God so loved us that He gave His Son.

He will wipe away our tears.