I’m sure you’re expecting news on the quiche and casseroles I promised in my last note. However, I took a slight detour instead. I still had plenty of cabbage soup for my lunches, and I wanted to use up some of the fresh veggies I had left over from both the soup and the Brussels sprout concoction. I poked around in my fridge to see what other treasures I could find that might need to be used soon. A can of croissants! Or crescent rolls for the more Americanized among us. I was inspired.

Over the summer, I went through a brief period of obsession with the hot pocket/pasty/empanada-type foods. I’d had some successes, but the dough-making process hindered me from really taking off with the idea. But in this little foil-wrapped cardboard can was ready-made dough, just waiting to be made into a hand-held delight.

So I spread out the dough on a greased cookie sheet, mashed all the seams together, and turned the whole mess into four roughly oblong sheets of dough. I piled on some cubed ham, some lightly steamed broccoli, and some shredded swiss cheese. Pulled the dough over and pinched the edges, and voila! Hot pockets!

I baked them at the temp suggested on the can, for slightly longer than suggested (maybe 20 min?). I think I could have probably baked them longer, and maybe the bread would have been firmer. As it was, they were a bit soggy. I also should have probably cooled them on a rack instead of a plate.

Anyway, I ate one hot out of the oven and it was fantastic! I froze the other three and ate them as quick meals throughout the week. Microwaved for about 1 minute 20 seconds, they came out pretty good. Again, they were fairly soggy, but once cooled a bit, they could be picked up and eaten by hand.

The ham, broccoli and swiss cheese added to the croissant was incredibly yummy. Aaron said it smelled good, but because it had all three things mixed together, he wouldn’t eat it. He said if I made them with just ham and cheese, and served the broccoli on the side, he’d probably like it.

I have some Bisquick that’s been in my fridge for way too long, so I might try using that to make dough and do the meat & cheese version for Aaron. I might also try a breakfast variety with eggs, cheese and mushrooms (for myself of course).

The second thing I made was a stir-fry to use up all those leftover veggies. No ham involved here, but I thought I’d share how I put my veggies to good use. We keep our fridge pretty cold, because Aaron likes his soda nearly frozen. So fresh veggies don’t last long before the ice crystals take their toll. I’m trying to scale back my grocery shopping, so I want to waste as little as possible and use what I have before I go get something else. So I have to find ways to eat or cook all the fresh veggies within a few days of buying them. Kind of a difficult situation.

I had a lot of leftover cabbage, celery, mushrooms, broccoli and green onions. So I stir-fried them in soy sauce, cooked some rice, scrambled some eggs, and topped it all with some sesame ginger salad dressing that I found in the fridge. The finished product was a little bland, and the dressing was a bit too tangy for my taste. I had some leftover sweet & sour packets from the Hong Kong Restaurant (lovely little Chinese place on my route home from work). With that added, it was much improved. I need to learn to make my own sweet & sour sauce.

In all, this week’s adventures were less successful, but at least my leftovers got used. I put some of the cabbage soup and stir-fry in the freezer for future quick meals (I do that a lot). I still have some cabbage, celery and green onions left, and so far only bits of them are frozen, so I think they’ll be good for one more recipe. I’m not a coleslaw fan, unfortunately. But I do like Ramen Salad, so that’s a possibility. And since the temperature is going up this week, I might be able to eat something cold like that .