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Type your first name into the Google search bar and add each of these sentences after and hit search. Post the first thing it says about you.

Stevi needs to find a job to help her family

Stevi looks like my kind of gal

Stevi says:. “A Recent Study Shows That 92% Of All Teenagers Move On To Being An Emo. ”

Stevi Wants to go some where over the Rainbow and never come back.

Stevi hates it because of the out-of-place electric guitar.

Stevi asked me about my perspective on the Ultimate Horseperson

Stevi likes to challenge the audience every night.

Stevi eats a peach

Stevi wears size 8 1/2B shoes

Your search – “stevi was arrested for” – did not match any documents.

Stevi Loves Natalie’s URL (farther down the list was Stevi loves Bali)