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I’m in the middle of the Beth Moore study on Daniel, and I just have to say, Daniel & Co. didn’t waste time splitting hairs on whether they were going to “honor” King Neb.  They just looked at what was going on around them, said “What things would God ask us not to participate in?” and then they stuck to their convictions. 

They clearly didn’t up and move out of Babylon, nor did they protest everything that was going on.  They won a lot of favor with the King, probably by being very good at the things he was requiring them to do, so long as it didn’t conflict with their own commitments to God.

But when it came down to do or die, they chose death, rather than break their commitment to God in order to please the King.  God got them out of that situation, and it earned them even more respect.  I guess the point I’m making is, while living in Babylon, we have to choose our battles very carefully, so that we’re walking the fine line that enables us to influence our culture toward God, while not allowing ourselves to become corrupted by our culture.