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My response to a blog post about whether Christians can use “OMG” in their online conversations…

Honestly, I get bothered more by Christians who say things like “oh my Lord” or “Bless her heart”, “Lord help me” or “Heaven help me” in inappropriate ways than I do by non-Christians using “God” or “Jesus” as an exclamation.

“Bless her heart” seems to be used as a weapon more often than a blessing, and that bothers me beyond most hard-core cursing. If your intention is to say something mean about someone, I’d rather you be up front about it than cover it with Christianly fluff.
When it comes to text, acronyms like OMG do not really bother me. It’s easy, when it’s an acronym, to fill it in with something you deem appropriate. So if you’re okay with “Oh my goodness” then OMG is safe.

Of course, there’s something to be said for watching out for your Christian brothers & sisters that might be offended, so obviously there are reasons to abstain completely. I don’t think it’s a black & white issue.

Maybe that’s justification, but I kind of feel like picking and choosing which phrases are “clean enough” (far enough removed from the original?) gets kind of legalistic. I mean, crap is a euphemism for a swear word, but for some people, the euphemism itself is too vulgar and they go with “crud.” I mean, really, we all know what you are hinting at, it seems overly fake when people go to extremes to cover their linguistic “behinds,” lest anyone think they aren’t holy enough.

I know some kids that, barred from using anything even hinting at obscenity, had to invent their own swear words. If one of them called you “peachy” you should be very very offended. It’s the intention behind the words (to hurt or express anger) that makes them wrong, not the words themselves.


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