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Rules: List 10 songs that you can’t hear without thinking of a particular memory, and explain that memory. Tag the people in the memories so they can repost.

Wow, this is tough. Considering orchestra, puppets, dance, and miscellaneous Christian events, I have a lot of songs with memories attached.
1. Song of Hope – Robbie Seay Band – Honduras. Bus dance party. Little glimpse of heaven in Central America.

2. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing – Robert Robinson – Hearing Camry sing as Aaron & I lit our unity candle.

3. Blessed be the Name of the Lord – Matt Redman – 2 on this one: Honduras, trying to appease the checkpoint guard. And Tyler’s funeral, my church family truly living out the lyrics.

4. 2 Much Booty in the Pants – Soundmaster T – SYTYCD at the Yellow House. Me & Kate trying to learn the dance, especially freeze at the end. So glad we didn’t end up in the ER for that!

5. O Praise Him (All this for a King) – David Crowder Band – OneDay03. Praising God under a star-filled Texas sky.

6. Head Over Feet – Alannis Morrisette – Listening to it for the first time after a Google challenge from Aaron, knowing that he felt the song described our relationship. And then dancing to it at our reception.

7. Lighting of the Beacons (Return of the King soundtrack) – Howard Shore – One of the most awe-inspiring cinematic experiences of my life. Those sweeping shots over the beautiful New Zealand landscape, combined with the beauty of the music… It still gives me chills thinking about it.

8. L’Estro Armonico #11 (D Minor) – Vivaldi – We played it in high school as a quartet: 2 violins, viola & cello. We played it pretty much every year. And I ended up playing every part but cello at some point. I THINK I can still rock that allegro on viola. It was learning this piece for festival that really taught me what chamber music was all about.

9. Joyful Joyful (Sister Act 2 Soundtrack) – Miles Goodman – performing at Puppet Festival. Kneeling behind that stage as the lights went out, being so nervous, and then getting so excited as we could hear the audience go nuts.

10. American Pie – Don McLean – my roommate freshman year used this as her “study break” song during finals. She would take a break every hour, crank it up and dance like a lunatic. I really can’t stand that song anymore. Makes me want to hit something. She had about 5 songs that she used throughout that semester for study breaks and I hate them all.