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I am generally very skeptical of musicians trying to become actors and actors trying to become musicians. Even though they may be very talented people, the amount of work it takes to be successful in either field takes so much work, it seems as if they try to do something “on the side” that it’s not very high quality.

In the past it always seemed like it was musicians trying to act (anybody remember the Mariah Carey and Britney Spears movies?). These days, it seems to be the opposite. All kinds of actors are trying to make it as musicians. I’ve collected some of these efforts, mostly out of curiosity. They’re not up to music industry standards by any means, but some of them are enjoyable.

So far, I’ve decided I don’t like Robert Pattinson‘s music at all. I tried, I honestly did. But a British guy trying to sound like an American blues singer just doesn’t do it for me.

Tom Felton is slightly more tolerable for me, even though I think he’s in desperate need of some training. He’s got some guitar skill (kind of rough around the edges, but there’s potential there). His voice isn’t bad, but some lessons would do him a world of good.

The biggest surprise so far has been James Marsters. I did not like his parts of the Buffy musical Episode. But I think the problem was that he was trying to sing in character, in a different accent, and it just turned out weird. I’ve listened to his early stuff with the band Ghost of the Robot (embarrassing band name), and wasn’t impressed.

But then I found some of his solo work.

The albums Civilized Man and Waterfall both have some pretty darn listenable tracks.  Unfortunately, none of these are available as mp3s on iTunes or Amazon, and the albums themselves aren’t available either (from what I’ve found). I had to snatch them off of YouTube, which means mediocre sound quality. But I’ve dropped a few tracks into my playlist and so far haven’t found myself skipping them (as I tend to do with Pattinson and Felton).


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