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Jeez, I did this before, but now it’s turned into a core group thing, so I guess I’ll have to dig deep and come up with some new stuff.

1. I once reversed the addresses on a letter to my cousin because I didn’t have a stamp & I knew the post office would “return” it to her for postage.

2. I like the edges on the bread of my sandwiches to match up.

3. I always thought my eyes were brown, until we got some super bright bulbs in our bathroom & I suddenly realized they were hazel. In my defense, they are very dark most of the time.

4. I keep at least 3 packs of gum (different flavors) in my purse at all times, and I like to share a lot.

5. I took diving lessons one summer. When we started learning inverted dives, my mum stopped watching.

6. I went to a visual and performing arts high school. I majored in strings (orchestra) and minored in creative writing. I still royally suck at both of those things. Probably should have taken photography.

7. I’ve owned a lot of hamsters: Peaches, Cream, Sugar, Cinnamon, Rootbeer, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, Napoleon & Soloman. Also mice: Noel, Elliott, Addy, Ally, & Asher. A gerbil: Mordecai. A rat: Naomi. And a frog: Bugger.

8. I don’t call my parents “mom” and “dad.” I have a lot of nicknames for them instead. And my brothers call me “Cow” and I call them “Weasel” and “Giant”

9. I do drink coffee and alcohol from time to time, but only if they’re so sugared up that I can’t taste the coffee or alcohol, cuz I’m a sissy.

10. I have always wanted to live in a yellow house.
11. I find it really puzzling how many people mispronounce Stevi & misspell Ferguson.

12. I wear size 4 shoes. So I usually have to shop in the kids department. I wear kids size medium socks.

14. I have a teddy bear named Hershey that I’ve had since I was born. He used to go on every trip with me, but since he got lost in Chile and was miraculously returned to me, I’ve left him at home more often than not.

15. I used to read the end of mystery novels first, so I’d know if it was going to be good.

16. I have read Twilight. And I liked it. I have a Team Edward keychain. So there. I wish I wasn’t looking forward to seeing New Moon… but I am.

17. I got mono in 8th grade. NOT from kissing. I got it from sharing soda with a friend who didn’t know she had it. It was horrible, but it got me out of gym class for a couple months.

18. Sometimes I get my English & Spanish spelling messed up. Especially with b & v, since they’re next to each other on the keyboard.

19. I never played a team sport until high school. I did swimming, diving & gymnastics, but never a team sport. Then I played soccer for all 4 years. Left or center forward, occasionally midfield. We were really bad. I don’t think we ever won a game. I think we tied once or twice. It was mostly about trying to hold off the other team from reaching the 10-point lead that would force the game to end early. Loved it though!

20. I’m totally not a celeb-news junkie. I try to avoid celeb-news whenever I can. And yet I follow more celebs on Twitter than people I actually know. It started because none of my friends were on Twitter, so I had to follow *someone*. I find some of them really entertaining & interesting, and even though I know it’s kind of lame to follow them, I can’t bring myself to stop.

21. I change my house candles & body spray scents with the seasons. I can’t stand citrusy or flowery scents when it’s cold, and I can’t stand sugary or spicy scents when it’s hot. I usually smell a lot like my candles. Not on purpose, but what smells good in my house for a particular season is usually something I don’t mind smelling like.

22. I unapologetically love my car. I stop and admire it on a regular basis, take way more pictures of it than necessary, and absolutely adore driving it. As evidence, I somehow manage to keep it fairly clean of junk. I used to collect so much crap in my old car, but now, even after 3 years, I still keep Zoom-Zoom fairly tidy & wipe down the dash regularly. Vacuuming and washing, not as much as I’d like, but it’s still great strides for me.

23. I take pictures of my food. If you hang around my FB wall or Twitter very long, you will see one of my meals appear. I have no idea why I do this, but it’s become almost compulsive. I guess since I’m always looking for new places and things to eat, I figure maybe other people are too & maybe I’ll inspire someone to try something with my blurry phone pics, LOL.

24. I sponsor a little boy through Compassion International. His name is Fabricio. He’s 8 and his birthday is our anniversary. Didn’t choose that, it just happened that way. He lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, so hopefully I’ll get to meet him someday.

25. I can’t think of anything. So I’m going to leave this one empty for now and let people ask questions in the comment section. When I get a good one, I’ll answer it here.

Here’s a link to my previous 25 things, if you’re just that interested…