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Apparently the nerd center of my brain has been neglected for awhile. Usually when this happens, I just go back to one of my old nerdy addictions, get reacquainted, obsess for a little while, then move on. But recently, the old stuff just wasn’t holding my interest. So, I’ve been branching out. Not sure where this will lead, but I’ve pursued a few new geekdoms to see if anything resonates.

So far, I’ve found Bones & The Dresden Files (books) do hold my attention. I’ve also been dabbling in Torchwood, which led me to consider checking out Doctor Who. But that might be a little too nerdy even for me. Some friends have decided to initiate me into Firefly. After only two episodes, jury’s still out on that. Dollhouse would be another likely candidate, since I seem to be following the trails of Buffy alumni.

Actually, come to think of it, all of these are connected through Buffy alumni. Just call it the Joss Whedon effect I guess. So maybe I’m not branching out as much as I thought.

Apparently James Marsters will be on the new SyFy series Caprica. And wherever James Marsters goes, I follow. But I think Caprica is Battlestar Galactica related, and that falls into the same level of nerdiness as Doctor Who. But I kind of think Caprica will be an equivilent to Torchwood (which I found by way of James Marsters, of course) so maybe it’s a safe distance from the epicenter of nerdiness?