FBCF former member Debbie Wilkinson has a niece who is a missionary in Nigeria. Today, Debbie sent the following urgent prayer request for her niece, Missy, husband, John & their young family, along with other missionaries serving there.

“We got word Sunday that fighting had broken out between the Muslims and the Christians about 10 minutes away from where Missy and John and the kids live. They were told to stay in their compound. Then, yesterday they had a 6am-6pm curfew. Today, they are have 24 hour curfew. The fighting has been so intense, burning houses, businesses, going house to house looking for believers and killing them. Missy said they can hear the gun fire. Please pray for the people of Jos and for the protection of Missy and John and all of the missionaries there.

We know that God has prepared them for this work and is using them in mighty ways there. And that he is their protection. But, it sure gets your attention quickly when you hear machine guns all around you. So far, they said the kids are doing okay with it all. They are worried about their new baby goat getting hurt and want to bring it inside. I would be thinking the same thing!

Missy is concerned because they just found several very large rats in their pantry and had to get rid of a lot of their food supplies. Now they can’t leave their home to get anything.They have to shop everyday for food, but she hasn’t been able to get out for a couple of days now. And, they don’t know how long the 24-hour curfew is going to last. Thanks for your prayers and your church’s prayers. I’ll keep you posted.”